Wil Key Newsletter September 15, 2012, Issue #15

New Wil Key "Woman" Video

We are overjoyed to bring you the very first Wil Key music video!!

It was shot on location in Hamilton, Bermuda and Malibu, California, and showcases the title cut to Wil's latest CD release "But A Woman."

A soulful, haunting ballad that looks intimately at the feminine mystique.

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Wil Key To Play OZ.....Again!!

Next month Wil will be performing in Vancouver,

Canada and Sydney, Australia in support his current CD.

It will be his second trip to the land of OZ where he performed

in 2011 to enthusiastic audiences. Check the website for specific

dates and times.

In this issue...
New Music Video - "But A Woman"
• Headed To OZ
• Meeting El Debarge - A Look Back
• Joi -"Original Neo-Soul"

Meeting El Debarge- A Look Back

Earlier this year I had the distinct pleasure of opening up forlegendary R&B singer, El Debarge here in Los Angeles. I will never forget the exact moment that I got to officially meet him.

I had just finished my opening set of music, and I was drenched with sweat -grinning from ear to ear with excitement. I went backstage to cool off before heading out to catch the rest of the show. El bolted in thru the backstage door and stopped when he saw me at the foot of the steps. He looked me up and down and said, "oh....YOU LOOK LIKE THE HEAVY-WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!." Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a "bro-hug" and we both had a good laugh. To go from lip-syncing his music on the radio to actually sharing the stage with him in, dreams really do come true!! -Wil Key

Joi - "Original Neo-Soul"

Joi Gilliam, also know in hip circles as Tennessee Slim and Star Kitty,is reportedly the very first artist to be labeled "Neo Soul" and
certainly helped usher in the whole, decidedly unique black music
movement in the early 1990's. I recently caught her live set for the
first time ever at The Echo in Echo Park. Until that evening, I had never heard of her before! A real crime, especially considering her uncanny similarity to one of my favorite artists - Erykah Badu whom I was told was one of Joi's biggest fans in those early years. I do wonder what woud have happened if the BIG MUSIC MACHINE would have worked for Joi before Badu? Joi is currrently performing at Skinny's Lounge having recently moved here to LA from Atlanta. You can catch her hosting Sugarhill every other Sunday at 10PM. The Bomb!!!

But A Woman

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